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Budget and Control of Economic - Financial Management 

DynControl offers you the possibility to make:

  • an Analytic Analysis: Control of the Operative Margins by Product/Service (with the opportunity to act on the parameters for improving the results);
  • an Advanced Dynamic Forecasting Analysis (with Generator/Simulator): creation of Dynamic Budgets, Tables and Graphs showing the time course of the business situation (eg. Break Even Point, Cash-flow, payments, payables, taxes, etc.) with the possibility to act on the directional levers for improving the results.


Financial Planning and Analysis of Cash Flows

The port liquidity requirement also Businesses in having to regularly analyze the company's cash flow as well as to try to predict changes and fluctuations over time.

With DynControl system you can be facilitated in controlling your regular case and know the trend of flows that generate the result.


Business Plan, Access to Bank Credit and Finance Facilitated

Its use is also useful for the creation of economic and financial forecasts, fundamental heart of a successful business plan and to draft requests for subsidized Bank funding; as well as for programming and/or monitoring the use of such external capital. The Budget is then accompanied by the main financial performance indicators (ROI and ROE in the first place).


Drainage Company plans

DynControl can also be helpful to Professionals  who want to use for your activities or to indicate the corrective action to take to its clients in the rehabilitation and development Processes.

The prospective analysis in fact contemplates a variety of financial variables on which to act according to the different cases Company and the nature of the activities themselves. There is also the possibility to include Investment plans and Fundings, with relative directional levers for dynamic simulation.

In addition you can also choose the most appropriate method of accounting for the exploitation of the resources of the warehouse according to the nature  of the Activity.

Finally, with the insertion of a whole series of parameters and fiscal levers it is also present a dynamic prediction of the various direct and indirect taxes that can more or less burdening Activity in function of the choices made

(the tax forecasting are to be Considered tentatively and never at the same way as fiscal calculations).


Strategic choices and Corporate Dynamics Simulations "What-If"

The time also it was a key variable considered within the DynControl system, where by making timing simulations with "what-if analysis" you will consider the economic and financial effects of its business decisions "playing" with added input variables and parameters (directional levers) and check for small different scenarios generated.