DynControl ® is a modular Business Intelligence System-Software.

With the term Business Intelligence we can usually refer to: a set of business processes to collect data and analyze strategic information.

(source: Wikipedia)



A software dedicated to data analysis that drastically reduces the waiting time of the results.

Its main functions are:

  •     Generate economic, financial and capital budgets and simulate strategic forecasts
  •     Analyzing analytical accounting and controlling operating margins (operational marketing)
  •     Monitor the periodic financial situation by forecasting fluctuations over time
  •     Compare infinite scenarios for both programming and "what-if" analysis
  •     Perform the economic-financial analysis of the feasibility of investment plans or start-up projects
  •     Evaluate the sustainability of business projects in case of request for bank loans and / or subsidized loans.


In short, a software that is more than an application because it gives the company a number of advantages.

Its strengths are:

  •     transforms data into information to support decisions
  •     the user can insert a series of parameters autonomously and "play" on the directional-tactical levers
  •     few sample-data are enough to estimate the results
  • with a few monthly / yearly sample data, it is able to estimate the results
  • 2/3 days are enough for the insertion of data samples to make the system work
  • no need to enter data daily (once inserted can be changed periodically)
  • on request you can have multiple duplicates of the system (useful for creating scenarios comparison)
  • it's smart: it processes data quickly
  •     It's simple: windows and automatic guide comments guide you through use
  •     it is portable: it does not require the installation of software on the client's PC
  •     It is safe because the online cloud platform ensures high data encryption standards on the network.


In short, at the same time you can perform:

  •     Predictive and Descriptive Business Analysis
  •     Budget forecasts and Scenarios
  •     Control of Strategic Choices
  •     Analysis of Analytical Accounting and Operative Marketing
  •     Evaluation of Projects and / or Start-ups


Moreover, given its transverse nature it can be used both by small and medium-large companies (SMEs, Medium-Large Enterprises, Start-Up), as well as by companies of various legal nature (companies of capital or people, Cooperatives, individual companies) or on different production sectors (production of goods and / or services of various kinds). It is also aimed at organizations, professionals, consultants, managers and academics.