About Us

About Us

Our History

DynControl is born from the idea to create an alternative proposal for Online Corporate Management Services for Companies, Start-ups, Managers and Consultants, using dynamic modeling tools.

So we decided to develop a real "modular system-software".

From here comes DynControl!

"The goal was to create a multi-functional, cross-company management tool that is easy to understand for everyone".

Moreover, thinking that the future is increasingly aimed at the use of online services, it was decided to configure a web infrastructure that could be useful for the distribution of the Software-System. So to date, DynControl can be used via a virtual-cloud-server infrastructure that allows the user access, with a personal account, to an online platform.

DynControl System nowadays is constituted by a team of freelance collaborators and professional partners specialized in different fields.

Our business-idea is to ensure that the culture of using this kind of tools is spreading more and more in medium-small sized entrepreneurial environments, between Start-ups and between Business Professionals and Consultants, support of directional choices, keeping always an eye on the territory.


Our R&S

The goal is certainly to make the "DynControl" System-Software ever more unique, seeking to increasingly enhance its distinctive features.

This can be carried out on the one hand with the improvement and development of new features that make the Platform and the Software-System more and more "user friendly", through an IT implementation work, on the other, with further developments of the algorithmic structure which is the basis of the system of models in itself, created with system dynamics tools, which at the same time allow a high precision, quality and speed of development.








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Development Project

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