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About Us

About Us

About Us

DynControl was initially founded by the will of its founder and founder Vincenzo Fundarò, an expert in management planning and control systems, to create an alternative proposal for Management Consulting Services for MEPs, Start-ups, Managers and Consultants, using Business Intelligence tools.

Business Intelligence can be considered as a working methodology, almost becoming a form of business management thinking, and involves the use of software tools "datawarehouse" and "datamart" that can be useful for learning and improving the processes of Corporate Governance and for the analysis of the economic-financial sustainability of the company.

Subsequently, the "DynControl" tool was developed integrating in it different functionalities resulting from the equally different skills matured in the vast field of economic-financial planning and control of strategic / operational management of the company, associating also a virtual-cloud infrastructure that allows the its use through an online platform accessible from any Internet Browser.

To date, the DynControl System proposes itself as an "innovative" Start-up, using, for the use of its software-systems and services, its own technologies of "Digital Companies" and "SaaS".

We make use of various Partner Services and a team of collaborators specialized in different technical areas and who have the development of the initial project at heart.

We want to grow and evolve over time.

Our business-idea is that of the development and dissemination of the aforementioned business intelligence techniques and tools, taking into account the feedback from our customers, working interactively with them to make the tool more and more innovative and useful.





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